Introducing a breakthrough technology

Cutting down on fossil energy consumption is a top priority for our generation. Climate control in buildings is one of the biggest factors in energy demand.

SoundEnergy introduces a breakthrough technology that brings a fundamental change in cooling technology without using electricity or gas.

The basis of the concept can be summarized as follows:

  • One machine: the THEAC-25
  • Two applications: solar heat or waste heat
  • Double output: cooling and heating

Thermo Acoustics

The innovation is a result of 20 years of research into Thermo Acoustics conducted by Kees de Blok, SoundEnergy’s R&D manager. He succeeded to control Thermo Acoustics in such a way, that it can convert heat into cold. The result is the THEAC-25; a tried & tested machine producing 25kW cooling power.

The technology is completely clean (zero CO2 and zero GWP) and sustainable as well as economically attractive. Using this technology saves costs.

Cost saving

The THEAC-25 is a highly competitive technology. Compared to traditional solutions like air-conditioning and refrigeration the yearly costs and the total costs of ownership are significantly lower.

Since the THEAC-25 in an integrated system for both cooling and heating the financial advantages can be even higher if the system’s heating capacity enables cutting out gas consumption.


  • No use of electricity producing coldness
  • No use of gas producing warmth (secondary function)
  • Zero CO2
  • Zero global warming potential (GWP=0)
  • Advanced, non-mechanical technology

  • Low level of noise production
  • Technical life-cycle up to 30 years
  • No maintenance costs
  • Economically attractive


SoundEnergy has gained recognition and support of three leading innovation funds:

Tech For Future (NL)


Focus: series-production, climate control

SoundEnergy and Huitink Oldenzaal work together on project Development
Thermo Acoustic Energy Converter which is being supported by the
European Regional Development Fund. Focus: business creation

Kennispark Twente TOP Light (NL)


Focus: start-up support